Pirates of the Burning Sea

ZOMG! Looks like I'm in the beta! :D

I got this e-mail just a little bit ago from another website that I apparently signed up for a chance to win a spot in the PotBS beta:

Dana Massey wrote:
Congratulations, you have won a Beta Key to Pirates of the Burning Sea through a contest you entered on The WarCry Network (www.warcry.com).

Below is the official introduction letter written by Troy Hewitt, the Director of Community Relations at Flying Lab Software:

Troy 'Aether' Hewitt wrote:

Welcome to the Pirates of the Burning Sea test program! Below is your Beta Key, which prioritizes you for consideration in our beta program. To begin, you've got to have a Pirates of the Burning Sea forum account, which you can do by visiting this link: http://www.flyinglab.com/forums/register.php

After your forum account has been created, the next step is for you to fill out your beta application, which you can do by visiting this link: http://www.flyinglab.com/pirates/beta.php It is pretty important that you fill out your beta application from the machine that you intend to use for beta testing, because the application itself requires you submit a DXDIAG report, which essentially gives us the information we need to determine your system specs. While creating your account, you will have the opportunity to enter your beta key. If you have already created a beta account through our web site, you can edit your account information to add your beta key. Either way, you will need the beta key itself:

Once you have a beta account with a key applied, you'll be at the top of the list for consideration when we add our next batch of participants. This may not happen right away, so please be patient. Initially, our hardware requirements will be very stringent; your computer's configuration may not immediately meet our hardware testing needs.

That's it! Thanks for participating in our test program and welcome aboard!


Troy 'Aether' Hewitt
Director, Community Relations
Pirates of the Burning Sea

Thank you for your support,

Dana Massey
WarCry Network, Senior Editor


I'll let you guys know how it is as soon as they allow me access once they open up the beta again. Happy

OMG, I'm at half mast right now.

Can I play on your beta account plz plz? :D
Very nice. I hope I get my Beta invite soon. We've talked to the guy over at Flying Labs, but we'll see.


Just an update. They opened the beta up to 1000 folks this past Monday, but I wasn't in that group. They are supposedly opening up another 9000 spots over the next few weeks, and hopefully I will be in one of those.

Latest update from the PotBS Beta Thread:

Rusty wrote:
Franky wrote:

Hey Rusty, how are the systems doing.
It's been 2 days since the 1000 new beta testers were invited.

Not good. We spent the week working out why we were suffering a huge amount of lag. It turned out that we were losing half of our UDP traffic, which would explain the problem. But why were we losing the UPD packets? We went through the server code (found a few problems there, but they were mostly minor, and had neglible resulrts), the topology (no problems there, it seemed to originate at the servers), the network cards and their drivers, and so on, and so on. When we first hit the problem, we shook our heads and started digging, fully expecting to find the problem in a few hours. Except that the problem was affected by number of users, so we'd make changes, see that the problem was fixed, only to find out it really wasn't as the load changed.

We found the culprit today. A bad port on one of the switches. If the switch itself had been bad across all the ports, we'd have found it quickly, but a problem with a single port was much tougher to diagnose. We isolated the port, and voila, lag gone!

What this does mean is that we didn't really get a chance to test the servers under load, so it's going to be a little longer before we invite more people.
-Russell Williams
Flying Lab Software

FINALLY!!! Downloading the client now! :D

Pirates of the Burning Sea Beta Acceptance Confirmation

Hello, Lovak

We're pleased to offer you an invitation to the Pirates of the Burning Sea Beta Test program. Once you complete our confirmation process, you'll be able to start downloading the game, log in, and join our other beta testers in helping to identify ways we can improve the game before launch.

To confirm your beta registration, you'll need to digitally sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement.

You can start this process by ensuring that you're logged in to our website (via the forums), where you'll find the NDA form.

Thank you for your interest in Pirates of the Burning Sea, and welcome to the beta test program!

The Flying Lab Software Test Team

Rub it in some. Bet you are going to abide by the NDA too right? God get the fuck out.

I want some beta action =/

Im god awful bored now that i have no job, no air force and no games =(

I'm this |-| close to reactivating WoW =/
Ohn wrote:
Rub it in some. Bet you are going to abide by the NDA too right? God get the fuck out.

That's what officer forum is for :P

Ohn wrote:
Rub it in some. Bet you are going to abide by the NDA too right? God get the fuck out.


Grats Abs!
Aberene wrote:
Ohn wrote:
Rub it in some. Bet you are going to abide by the NDA too right? God get the fuck out.

That's what officer forum is for :P
tongue out

I got 2 beta accounts, Goewen is playing one, let me see if i can get the other one for you Yuber
If you could do that man, that'd be awesome! Thank you! :D
Sweet jebus?! What does it take to get a beta account around here?! I've had no luck at all.

(which is suprising because last go around, I had like 3 beta accounts per game).
Well, i been signed up for Pirates longer than i was for WAR. But i signed up for the newsletter for war back when it started. Thats what got naddah and me in so quick, we where veteran newsletter subscribers. Plus i support the community alot.

I think another thing thing that helps....is there is a big pool of email addresses kind of like a mailing list that they can check. Not sure about this just guessing. I get into like every beta i sign up for. Might take time, but i get in. So, sign up for everything. Get a Fileplanet account, you get into every beta there too just for being a subscriber. Have a good computer, Good DXDiags are important. use www.gammix.net it will tell you news so you know when beta's are available. www.mmorpg.com also gives people beta's if you sign up with them. Currently i have 7 beta accounts with various games. So just sign up for everything you find.
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