Pirates of the Burning Sea

PotBS finally gets their publisher...

And the winner is....SOE.

It's not as bad as it sounds...you have to read the post before you pass judgment.


Come on Fall!

$30 to play PotBS, SWG and EQ2. If only there was enough hours in the day to sit and play that long.


I do think it's funny how they say over and over that SOE will have zero, zip, zilch, absolute nada to do with the design and development of the game. I can't imagine SOE's too happy about that. They seem to be acknowledging what a poorly thought-of company SOE is without coming right out and saying it.

I am a little concerned though. I know they say that development is in-house and will stay in-house, but... I dunno. SOE is absolute poison. EQ was one of the biggest MMO phenomenons of all, and when EQ2 came out it went over like a fart in church.
I feel violated
This is a really good thing for them *if* they actually maintain a developer/publisher relationship. I'm sure that the dev/pub relationship last as long as the game is going fine then Sony has certain ability to take over, but guess what: That would mean, like Vanguard, that Flying Labs had already f'ed the game up.


Yeah, from the sounds of it though FL has a strong financial backing which Vanguard never really did. If anything I see FL breaking the relationship and taking full control after Sony tries to bully them into reneging the contract. Reading their dev posts over the last couple months FL while slow has a really good sense of what they want and I don't think they're going to sell out to the evil that is Sony.
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