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What Faction for PotBS
 33%  [ 4 ]
 8%  [ 1 ]
 58%  [ 7 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 12
Ok, PotBS will release with four playable factions with Dutch as NPC's. What faction would you like to play. I'm not certain but I believe that guilds will have to be of the same faction given that they're all competing for territory.
I went with British because I think I'm the only one who wanted to be French, so I was gonna lose anyway, heh.

All hail His Majesty King George, .
Positioning has its advantages and disadvantages. A central location means easier access to your territory for everyone else.

I dont care one way or the other. I kinda like the French but only because I think they will be the lesser played of the four and I like being the outcast.

I sense a good opportunity to enhance some role playing skills here. U know the French will definitely be the lightning rod of disdain.

I like the French too, Apo!

All hail His Majesty King Louis XV, .
I demand a recount! The only reason I didn't pick French was 'cuz I thought no one else would, and now someone voted for them and Apo also wanted to do French! Recount! Not even the Supreme Court will stop us!

Plus, admit it! It would be sick to have Abs' character be named Antoine Fortunateaux, .
Well, I'll go ahead and spoil the anonymity...I was the lone French vote. So you would make two Yuber. Not looking good.

Pirate! How can you argue with this?
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Lol Sam, that's the best freaking video EVAR!
Yuber wrote:
Plus, admit it! It would be sick to have Abs' character be named Antoine Fortunateaux, .

rofl. cute Happy

Sad thing about the video is I watch the show with my kids. Robby Rotten is freakin hilarious!

I don't have a big opinion one way or the other, but I picked pirate. I am thinking more along the lines of a trader character than an adventurer.

Mike Lovewell
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Don't know if I misunderstood the video Tiq posted, but it was stated that if you a Pirate then piracy is your only option. I think being a Pirate merchant is ruled out.

Something we may wanna think about if some of us are gonna do some focusing on merchant.

Yeah, I got that too Apo. I'm going to do some forum searching (maybe even psot) and see what I can find about merchant pirates or multi-national guilds, and we'll possibly have to reconsider from there. Given that there's no real hands on crafting I don't see why Pirates wouldn't be allowed to work in a more merchant style of play. I'll keep ya posted as I find things out.
Got a couple hits on the PotBS forum. From the few responces, yes pirates will be able to craft and participate in the economy just as any other player can. The only drawback is they can't become freetraders. I'm looking into the repercussions of that, but in the interim is it something those interested in the economy can live with? BTW here's the link to my post:
Class advantages:

1. Navy have access to the largest warships. The biggest ships are navy only. It is like a warrior only sword in any fantasy game.

2. Privateers get extra rewards for defeating enemy ships above the normal prize money and their cargo.

3. Merchants (or to make Sam happy freetraders) get better deals with taxes and costs to run their plantations and shops. They also get access to some of the bigger cargo ships like the large galleon, La Cournne.

4. Pirates can capture ships and keep them, though only with 1 durability (aka lives/respawns).
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