Pirates of the Burning Sea

You are a PIRATE!

LOL. I like the pencil animation one.
So, how do you guys like it? the Ship scenes are beautiful......water is awesome, was disappointed with 3rd party view./....
It's awful! I just can't decide what to wear, there are so many options!

Seriously though, I really like it. The character customization is pretty awesome. Unfortunately all I've had time to do is the tutorial and a little bit after the tutorial, so I'm still not that deep into it. The ship battles seem like they're gonna be pretty awesome, but I'm waiting to see how well the third person fights do at higher levels. They seem pretty basic right now.

The ports are beautiful, and the water looks great like you said. I just need to get deeper into it to have a really good feel. I'm really liking it so far though! :D
Oh, and I rolled a French naval officer. I may also roll a pirate, and I was thinking about making him Jewish. Dread Pirate Saul Goldstein, .
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