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We are currently accepting applications. We are a closed guild. You can become a member by grouping with us or by applying and if we like what we see. All new members are accepted on a trial basis.

With that said, feel free to post an application, if there is relevant info as to why we accept or do not accept we will try to post it here, please do not harass us in game. If you must ask, please be polite and respect that we may be busy and or unable to reply. It is suggested that you ask any questions on our public forums first before contacting us in game. test

There are no gear or attunement requirements to join SIN, however this is considered when blind inviting to the guild. We are currently workiing very hard at Burning Crusades content as that is the guild's primary focus.

If you are a friend\family of someone please be sure that your contact in the guild lets the officers know you will be applying.

Classes needed:
2 Warriors, 2 Pallies, 2 Priest, 2 Druids, and 2 Rogues / recruitment OPEN (LIMITED)

Please list the following in your application:
1. Class
1a. Level
1b. Spec
2. A short paragraph on why you want to join SIN
3. How you came to know about SIN
4. Attunements
5. Something about yourself, and why we should like you.
6. Who was gargamels cat?
7. How many parts was Voltron made of?


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