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Examples of paint colors for small bedrooms


There are some tricks that can be done to overcome the problem of the small bedroom, and one of those tricks is to choose paint colors that suit the small area of the bedroom and lead to a sense of the spaciousness of the room in a better way, as choosing suitable paint colors for the small bedroom helps in highlighting the aesthetic areas of the room Sleep and hide flaws in a small bedroom. شركة ترميم حمامات بالرياض
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Examples of paint colors for small bedrooms are the area that helps increase the space in the bedroom, the gray color, as the colors of gray paints are considered neutral and very flexible when used in the bedroom, as the gray paints help to relax and have a comfortable sleep at night. The gray paint colors are very easy to combine with the colors of the small bedroom furniture. تركيب شبك طارد الحمام
Also, paint colors can be used for a small bedroom, a light area, such as lemon yellow, which is considered one of the bright and exciting paints in a small bedroom. This color is also considered one of the colors of paints that help compensate for the light in the room if the bedroom is poorly lit, especially in the season. winter .
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Painting the walls The task of painting rooms is not limited to professionals, as you can do this process and paint your room easily, especially if the matter does not require restoration, but only needs to be renewed in color, so the matter is very easy, such as coloring a drawing book for children. In this topic, we offer you, dear reader, procedures that you must do before starting the painting process and how to do this process.
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Pre-painting procedures: Time: You should choose an appropriate time, which requires several things such as not having children around you, the weather is not humid, so the paint dries quickly as the humidity will damage the paint, so it is preferable not to choose to paint the rooms in the winter season. Furniture: empty the room of the furniture, and if it has large pieces, wrap it with nylon pieces to keep it away from paint stains that may fall on the furniture, and this is what you can do with air conditioners also if any in the rooms, while removing the remaining furniture from the walls, and placing it In the middle of the room, in places that do not hinder movement. Dust: Get a piece of cotton and clean the wall from dust that may be stuck on it, take care of the corners, especially the places that were hidden by the curtains. Corners: Adhesive paper tape on the edges of windows and wooden doors, at the end of the wall from the bottom there are pieces that can be placed from wood or ceramic to maintain a safe distance between the furniture and the wall, also put the decal on its edges to keep the color clean. شركة تشطيبات منازل بالرياض
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The floor: Lay old newsprint or discarded pieces of fabric on the floor to preserve it. Electrical sockets: Remove the covers of electrical sockets also to protect them, and beware of wasting the screws because you will return them and you will definitely need them. Start painting: grease the edges; At first, paint the edges with a small brush and try not to put too much paint on the brush to reduce the paint lost by running on the leaves on the floor or on your clothes, be careful around the edges of the doors and windows, so the goal is not to apply the adhesive, but make it the limit that should not be touched, and of course you will touch it to ensure that it is not There are gaps, but this way you won't go beyond it, to get to what was put to protect it, try starting on a small wall. Make sure that the method of painting is in the form of parallel lines from the top to the bottom, and with caution and be careful not to move horizontally like a child who is not good at coloring. If you want a light-colored paint, choose a matte white (off-white) as the first layer, and if you want to reach a dark color,
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make the base color from the highest shades of dark white. Be aware of the presence of air bubbles on the wall and empty them if any, taking care that there are no bristles of the soft brush on the wall and remove them with hair tongs carefully to avoid spoilage of the paint if any, this step is before the paint dries. In the event that the first layer is painted, it must be dry before moving to the other, and clean the paint brush with kerosene several times, then leave it to dry to make sure that it will not spoil the paint by mixing two colors, and apply the paint in a container of a larger diameter than the rotating brush, or in an old, closed tray From the sides, to ensure that the Rotating Brush is moved several times before placing it on the wall. Allow the paint to dry before returning furniture, and remove covers and covers on the floor and furniture. معلم دهان ابواب حديد بجدة

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