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What are the sounds of nature


The sounds of nature come from natural ecosystems in which humans do not intervene. For example we have the song of the birds, the coo, the rain, the sound of the forest path, the crackle of a temperate, the waves breaking on the shore of the beach, the running of a stream , etc. There are numerous examples of nature sounds that we want to relax effectively.

There are numerous studies that suggest that the sounds of nature are beneficial for humans and their tranquility. They are usually noises that are pleasant, calm us, and refresh the mind. There are people who also enjoy hearing storms, the unrest caused by a hurricane wind and other more violent noises. Nature can be said to be a soundtrack to life injection.

When asked why these noises are pleasant, science tries to find answers. After numerous studies it has been found that the pleasure of being immersed in a green acoustic environment is either physical or virtual by means of a sound recording and is indeed healthy in the short and long term. The sounds of nature can help combat stress, focus, and convey feelings of joy and happiness unconsciously and unconsciously.



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