Pirates of the Burning Sea

Who's gonna play?

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Doing good Apo. likewise, one game for me, maybe a short stint with two here and there until I can decide on one, but I don't have the time to devote to multiple games. Grats on getting remarried! And gool luck on degree number 2.
It's nice being active on forums with u guys again. I officially canceled WoW today. I don't think I will play again, but hen again I've said that before.

PotBS has my attention. The opportunity to be on the same level as my online friends again is something to look forward to. I enjoyed WoW when I was chasing Tiq who always seemed to stay one level ahead of me no matter how hard I tried to catch up.

I'm also looking forward to a new start for us. I think we need it. We will make new friends there and maybe some old ones will show up again. (BTW anyone heard from Zimmer lately?)

Look forward to seeing u all there.

This game definitely has my interest. I haven't played WoW in a while due to the baby and work and a crap arse PC. I can at least resolve one of those to be able to enjoy this game. I down for whatever nationality-wise.

Can you name your ship and stuff? Can you have more than one ship? What are the restrictions on naming your own character?
Apostollos wrote:
How is everyone doing btw? I'm gettin remarried and going back to school for 2nd degree.

Congratulations Apo - on both counts.

I'm getting married in October (woohoo :? ) and I've just had my Green Card application approved in principal :D

Admittedly, I will be going to live in Little Rock, but that probably will only be temporary.
Nice, congrats on greencard status teppic!

Mike, I haven't read much factual evidence about naming conventions but I'd imagine standard mmo rules apply. Only hint at a rule I saw was a cap of 16 characters for combined first and last name. As for ships, I'm not too sure on naming but read a post taht said you can do so although you're the only one who can see your ships name. Finally, yes you can own multiple ships. Here's a link to a dev post titled "Death, Ships and the Economy" that covers how ships decay.


From the article wrote:
When your ship loses a point of durability, that point is lost for good. When your ship loses its last point of Durability, the ship is destroyed, and you're sent back to port to take command of one of your other ships. If you've lost all your ships, you're provided with a 'basic' ship that's roughly appropriate to your current rank, but less effective than any of the available player-crafted ships appropriate to your rank. This basic ship has one point of Durability.

I believe I read somewhere that only Pirates can beach captured ships, all other factions turn them over to their navy for rewards. The balance is that captured ships all have their durability lowered to one.
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