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How to get a personal loan without income verification?


This is kinda long, so bear with me. My credit is from the 680’s- 710, depending on which bureau is used. I can get a loan based on my credit. My problem is I don’t have income coming in, well very little for the past two months or more. I had a large sum of money saved up and went through it. I have been doing DoorDash and Uber for the past 3.5 years. Th business has completely dried up though and isn’t sustainable anymore.

I have a job I am supposed to start next week as a server. The problem is servers only make $2.13 an hour and depend mostly on tips. Plus I will be training and only making minimum wage the first week. I desperately need money now. I have rent due by the 5th, and we have a new management company taking over. I don’t want to be late and don’t even know their policy about it. I also have some other random bills due.

Is it possible to get a loan without income verification? I went to my credit union of 10 years and basically got treated like crap because I don’t have income coming in lately. My uncle who has like a 500 credit score somehow got two loans through them smh. This apparently is the most important thing when deciding a loan. I have no foreclosures, late payments, repos or anything like that. I have worked really hard to build my credit up and am stressing out that this little bump in the road is going to ruin my credit. If I can’t get a loan, is it possible to get a credit card without income verification?


Hello! Before taking out another loan you should keep in mind that taking out a personal loan will result in additional debt, which means you'll need to budget accordingly to make your monthly payments on time. Failing to make your payments can result in late fees, damage to your credit score, and even default, which can have long-term consequences. ​​​​​​​Also, you should only go to a reliable company about getting a loan. I can recommend myflexlending legit. I have worked with these guys several times and I have never had any problems with their services.


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