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hello out there


Just popping over to the sight to see how it looks and if it is still active. I went through the guild roster and saw a ton of familiar names from "back in the good ole days"- Yuber being a prime candidate for me. I do miss the camaraderie we displayed and still remember when a bunch of you got together to meet/greet. Geez...that was 10+ years ago!!

So what games are people playing these days? I have friends waiting to play ESO and Wildstar and using BF4, minecraft and other games to per-occupy their time. I don't get to play as often w/ kids, work and travel (related to work) but do look forward to any game that can get my game "juices" going.

I hope everyone is doing great these days and have moved onto great things. I'll still pop on here now and again to see if Oss, Yuber, Tiquor, etc start posting again.

All the best!


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