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Merchant Question

Hey Grue!

What do u know about the merchant options on the game? I know the economy is player driven, seemingly like SWG.

Just wanted a heads up on it. I cant find anything on the Community forums for it...maybe I'm missing something.

As you said, economy is going to be heavily player driven. From what I've read each player gets a certain number of "lots". You don't do crafting yourself as in other games, but rather, use your lots to build factories and control resourses (much like in SWG). Unlike SWG though, your NPCs do the work for you, you just tell them what to build. Also unlike SWG you won't likely build something from start to finish. It just won't be economical to do so. So insead of building the whole ship you may focus on the hull, or the masts, or cannons and so on. And you don't get locked into one pattern. This week you may have the materials to build the masts while next week you may get the resources together to build the cannons.

Crafting will be a timely endevour. Your NPCs continue to work even while your offline, and save up time and resources. If I read clearly pool time and resources, you click to build something and it gets done instantly, subtracting the appropriate time and resources needed for the item from the pool. The end result is that even if you play hard core, you can only build things so fast, so even the casual player can compete.

Merchants will also move goods around to make a profit. The AH will be much like in SWG, you buy goods at a port and have to go pick them up. Also, in terms of taking over a port, a mechant can flood a foriegn port with his goods to build unrest there, thus contributing to taking over a port.
Sounds cool.

I was always disappointed that I really didn't have the stomach to be a hardcore merchant in SWG. Next to CH it was probably the thing I wanted to do the most, but the resource harvesting, factory runs, et al just really got to me.

This sounds better! :D
Found the answer to my question.


Great find Apo, that was even more detail than I'd read about merchants!
Merchant was one of my favorite things about SWG in the early days (before everyone had to have a crafting suit to be famous).

I am really looking forward to the merchant side of POTBS.

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