Pirates of the Burning Sea

New Members from PotBS

How are we gonna go about allowing new people into the guild that we would meet on PotBS? May be a good idea to sound it out now cause you know we'll have to deal with it within the first couple of weeks of launch.

There may be a guild policy...if so I'm unaware of it. Of course I'm also unaware of most things that evolved from WoW.

(Pick French!)
I agree that we need that we need a policy, but it's going to be difficult to talk specifics without experiencing the game dynamics firsthand for a while. I don't think we should even consider adding people to the guild within the first few weeks.

Perhaps we can take "advance applications": name, age, gaming experience, play style, why they want to play PotBS (what about the game attracted them most), etc, until we can figure out our policy.
I have some secret sources who tell me that the June release might not happen...

I think we need to go back to the origins of SiN and start recruiting the way we once did. Back in the day, we were a very select group. We grouped up with people and if they were interested, they had to group up with us three or four times before we'd consider them. Then after at least two of the longstanding memebers vouched for them they were added on a probational basis. The specifics won't really matter IMO Teppic, we'll figure much of that out through the first few times we group with people. Hell, even age isn't a huge factor, it's how one meshes with the group that should be the deciding factor.

Yeah Tiq, I don't think they'll make a June launch, but only because they hadn't started looking at distribution until last month. I'm still hopeful though.
Woo, addendum: All applicants MUST fill out an application on this website. Tiquor and I ahve been pushing for this. I don't care if people don't check it every day or even week. But the forums are the best way for us to get across information to the guild, try to encourage as much participation as possible.
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