Pirates of the Burning Sea

Content content content

Just read a dev log that talks about the content level in the game. While no specific examples are given, the plan for release is that each faction will have over 1000 playable missions. These will be missions of the blood sweat and tears variety not "Go talk to the bartender" crap. The devs figure it amounts to anywhere from 300-600 hours of gaming for the typical player.

In another article I read it's stated that unlike other MMO mission systems you'll only shoot yourself in the foot by taking a whole bunch at once, as the outcome of one misson you complete may affect your standing with the next mission you took. I imagine an example would be taking a mission to destroy a merchant ship making the merchants on the next mission in your log less inclined to work with you. What it amounts to is enough content at lauch (they'll release with more missions than WoW did) to keep player occupied a long tiem before the first content patch is due.
They hav ambitious goals for their quests. Also keep in mind that the game has been in development for 5 years and has been in Beta for 1.5

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